Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control

Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control

Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control
Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control. Amperage (amps): 2.5 A. Battery Life (Min): 60 Minutes. Color Family: Black and Grey. Included Accessories: Batteries, Charger, Filter, Rechargeable battery kit, Remote control. Safe For Use On: Bare Floor, Carpet, Concrete, Laminate, Tile, Wood.

Smart Home: Smart Home Enabled. Voice Control Hub Required: No Voice Control.

Certifications and Listings: 1-UL Listed. Let this Samsung POWERbot R7040 robotic vacuum handle the vacuuming for you. Its powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results to save you time and effort.

This robot vacuum is designed with Edge Clean Master technology, featuring an innovative shutter that extends out to capture any debris trapped in corners or wall edges. This unit easily navigates your home and avoids obstacles, providing a coverage map of where it has cleaned. Control your POWERbot from your smartphone or Amazon Echo with the Wi-Fi connectivity option. 20X More Powerful Suction - Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results.

Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0 - Creates optimal cleaning path and avoids obstacles. Wi-Fi Connectivity - Works with Amazon Alexa - Remotely control your robot vacuum with your smartphone through Smart Things or Smart Home app, or voice control with Amazon Alexa. Edge Clean Master - Thoroughly cleans corners and edges of the wall. CycloneForce Technology - More consistent power with less clogging. Easy Pass Wheels - Large wheels move smoothly over obstacles.

Easy-to-Clean, See-Through Dust Canister - 0.3 l Capacity. Intelligent Power Control - Automatically detects surface types to optimize suction power.

Coverage Map Report - Remotely check cleaning history with your smartphone to see where it has vacuumed. Schedule - Program cleaning time. Washable Filter - Easy and cost-effective maintenance.

Cleaning Time - Up to 60 minutes. Combo Brush - Picks up pet hair with less tangles. Wide Motorized Brush - With an 11-3/8 in. Cleaning path, covers a wide area with every pass for efficient cleaning. Cleaning Speed - Moves at 12.6 in. Auto Docking - Ensures the vacuum is charged (240-minute recharging time). 10-Watt Suction - Powerful and reliable DC motor at 68 dBA. Cleaning Modes - Auto, Repeat, Manual, Spot.

Covers most of the area in regular.. Covers most of the area in regular pattern. But the the stuff it picks up most of it gets caught in passage leading into the bin. This leads to bin not filling up and the stuff getting clogged. I believe the passage leading into bin is too small.

Also, because there is bent before the bin. After charging it up it ran about 40 minutes before returning to the charging station.

I was amazed at what all it had picked up on that run. It is easy to empty the vaccumn and put it back to work, The unit is well built and does a nice job, wife loves it. Once you know it's idiosyncrasies. Well, right out of the box after charging it did a splendid job, But, as I used it, and cleaning the bin and filter I noticed that it was not picking up anything.

I cleaned the filter again, and noticed that the paper filter attached to the bumpy foam would not allow any air to pass through. As A result, it just ran around with no suction. I had to remove it and replaced the paper with a piece of open cell foam. It now works better than new, but, I still clean it outside as it collects a lot of fine clay dust, and this is mud season.

The other problem was that I had a low shelf on a cabinet that it insisted in backing up on,, and lifting it's wheels off the ground and getting stuck. I installed a 2'X2'to block it and now it goes by that area without backing up. I was impressed by how well it handled muddy paw prints on the kitchen floor. Does not pick them up completely, but, no vacuum does. It is pricy, but does a better job than other robot vacuums I have used. The unit was easy to set up and use. We have been using it for two weeks.

It appears to be learni.. It appears to be learning the pattern of the house. We have three dogs and this product sure makes keeping the floors clean a whole lot easier. Real powerful and super smart. Careful if u have wool..

Careful if u have wool rugs or rugs that shed bc it gets clogged quickly. There's no boundy device to stop it from going to certain areas. Well worth the price though! The vac works as expected.

I didn't expect that.. I didn't expect that it would change my life, and it hasn't.

The wifi setup has a very exacting sequence of steps that took a half dozen tries before finding success and was very frustrating to say the least. Since the remote control works great, I'm not sure why I even bothered with the wifi setup. Guess I just wanted to be all'21st century' about it so my grandkids wouldn't think I was out of touch with technology! For this retired engineer, the unit seems to be very well made and is easy to clean and maintain.

As of now working as expected. Perfect cleaning and good suction, and I like the navigation pattern. Con is the run time per charge , it takes full charge to clean a room of 300 sq ft size carpet.

Battery life is short -- less than an hour. I wish I could complete the vacuuming when sleep at night. That's a drawback I believe. Otherwise it's a great product. I've used it for a couple weeks now and it works great, gets the edges and is thorough only issue I've had is a few days it hasn't made it back to the charger. If it misses a area it will go back and cover it later. Emptying out the bin is easy and quick.. The flat side of it that has the roller , or I should say brush gets up tight against the wall which in some cases does better some of the regular push vacuum.. Only tiny problem some times it takes awhile for it to dock at the base. Even though the base is still against the wall and no wires in way. Had this a couple of days. Works well - A little too strong on normal settings for a delicate rug so we've stopped it from going into that room, but otherwise, seems to clean well.

I brought this one month ago and I love it. The only think Samsung need to improve it's a wall fence o something like Roomba have it. For keep away of some places.

RoBo Vaccum, does its job. I vaccum my whole home 4-5 times already and the results were satisfactory. Owned for 3 days now, it's a pretty big robot to me and it works fine and requires a lot of set up. Not too easy to use and the battery life just fine.

This review was collected as part of a promotion. The powerbot performed fairly well but is not easily set..

The powerbot performed fairly well but is not easily set up and had to lift it up to reposition in order to complete vacuuming. Works well on even and flat surface. However, I noticed that where there is a floor transition (For example stone floor to wood floor), there will be a schluter floor strip so the levels of two floor surface is slightly different. The floor eater will spit out all the litter when it passes the schluter strip. Fortunately by switching to turbo, it will split less but it is still kind of messy.

I usually would use a hand vacuum to clean again just to make sure. Thus, to all pet owners especially who has cat in the house, you might want to check if you have similar floor condition like mine. I got this POWERbot as a free gift as I also bought Samsung Refrigerator with power hub and Samsung Gas range. I was initially skeptical on how this would perform but when I tried it at home I was pleasantly surprised, I have a big home with carpets and hardwood at different places. There is dust all the time.

I needed something like this which could clean up the dust daily without having me to vacuum the house. I tried this for the first time and I was amazed. It moved around smartly on the floor, beneath the couch and furniture and all the difficult to reach corners and sucked up all the dust. I have dust allergy so this product is a boon. First, I must say how much I love the design of this vacuum.

Its sleep and looks nice having it out eventhough it is a vacuum. Setting up was easy and once it was charged I gave it a go. I LOVE how you can actually see how its cleaning the carpets. It leaves nice lines showing where it's been. I love the automatic time feature where I can set 2 different times where it will automatically start going.

We have 5 pets so going 2x a day is so helpful! The only thing I'm having issues with is it returning to its docking station.

It will sometimes but other times it ends up being stuck somewhere so I'm assuming it was on it's way and it got stuck and died. Other than that it's an amazing little robot. Now I want one for our rooms upstairs. First impression when you receive parcel, it's big, heavy and sturdy.

I already had robot vacuums from different other brands, so first impression on build quality feels better. One issue could be that the look of the PowerBot R7040 is quite distinctive, which make him stand out when placed in a place where you can easily see it. Other robots have more discreet designs. Depending on what you are looking for this can be a pro or con. Setup process: Setup up out of the box is not only quick and easy, but thorough.

It took less than 4 hours for the PowerBot R7040 to fully charge. The boundary markers are quite easy to apply, but I didn't use them and have also never used them with any other robotic vacuum. Setup of WiFi and SmartThings integration is easy. Alexa support is also great.

Use: The first time you use it you will be surprises on how truly quiet it is compared to conventional vacs as well as other robotic vacuums. While the cleaning is going on you can carry on with your other activities, no need to leave the house.

After the run is completed, empty of the waste bin was straight forward. Suction power of the PowerBot R7040 is excellent and better compared to the competition. Running in a house with furniture can be an issue.

The PowerBot R7040 handles most obstacles pretty well, however it can get stuck or jammed during its run on objects which are low enough to not be seen as a block, but high enough to get stuck on it. Conclusion: It's a great mid-range vacuum. It's not a five-star vacuum, there are more advanced models, but for this price you can't go wrong. Spending double for a few extra features are not really justified in most cases except you really, really need one of the extra features. Better than my original robot vac.

The packaging and design of the R7040 looked great right from the start. Excited to get things going, I got the unit setup right away. I actually liked the physical remote as well, I initially thought I wouldn't use it at all but it works well. It's been about 2 weeks now and it's cleaned well, my issue is many of the times I find it stuck somewhere with a dead battery.

The low battery warning works but the machine doesn't allow itself enough time and battery to get back to the docking station most of the time. For me this is a big negative to get over. I'm hoping it continues to'learn' or even if it's something that can be improved with an update if possible. All in all I'm happy with it. Just for reference, we're a family of 4, 2 kids at 3 and 5 plus a big dog so the machine definitely helps keep things clean. Long ago, we dreamed of a future where we would have robots do our menial day-to-day house work.

Well, with Samsung's POWERbot R7040 robot vacuum cleaner, the future is now. This little saucer on wheels rolls around the house and literally vacuums it for you. Right from the package with little to no assembly, you just plug it in to charge and off it goes, leaving you to do other things. The vacuum offers powerful suction with very little noise and even comes with an app and a remote so that you can make sure every nook and cranny gets covered.

I was worried about little bits of things that get left behind like the first generation of vacuum robots used to do with their sad rotary sweepers - you would have to vacuum after your robot vacuums because the rotary sweepers would fling things elsewhere. But I really wanted to see what it's like to have a robot vacuum so I went with the more affordable model.

This one runs for 60 minutes before needing to recharge rather than the 90 minutes of the more expensive model. The size of the vacuum was surprisingly large, and heavy. The instruction booklet was also large, and intimidating. I have no problem figuring things out when I want to but the instructions in the booklet weren't super easy so I concentrated on reading just enough to get it to work.

To date, I still haven't figured out how to control it with my Alexa but I can control it with remote control. I'm sure if I take a few minutes and read the instruction manual without distractions, I should be able to figure it out okay. I wasn't expecting much in the way of cleaning from the POWERbot. Compared to my regular vacuum cleaner, it doesn't seem very powerful but I was pleasantly surprised after it made it's first run through the house to find dirt in the little dirt-collecting bin. It's capable of doing spot cleaning but I haven't figured out how to program it yet so I just press the turbo button, the home button and the go button and let it run. Without programming, it seems to follow the same pattern. I still find it thrilling to discover that it finds its way around the house and into all the rooms. If it runs into an obstacle, it goes around it. Since it only runs for 60 minutes on a charge, it usually goes back to its base, charges, and then sets off again to finish the job. On occasion, I've checked the base and discovered'Go Go Gadget' isn't there. A couple of times it seems to have just stopped where it ran out of power.

A few times, it had a larger piece of debris caught in it and once the item was removed, it resumed vacuuming. I have long hair and can't use my power head on the regular vacuum as it gets too tangled in the roller.

With the POWERbot, the roller is easy to remove and clean any tangled up hair messes. It's definitely not perfect.

You'll likely still want to vacuum with something more powerful occasionally but, overall, it keeps the floor cleaner than it would have been without it and makes me feel good about it. Does a good job as long as you move as many obstacles as possible for it to have room to operate. I was very excited to receive my new POWERbot.

I must say, for the most part, this Samsung POWERbot does what was promised. It does seem to learn the area it needs to clean. It is fairly quiet and the battery life is better than I expected. The app does have some room for improvement but that could be fixed in the future. The only other downside besides the app would be the fact that it needs to be emptied quiet frequently to still be effective.

This is my first robotic vacuum, its a bit larger than I originally imagined but its pretty powerful. Its very easy to set up. The first time I got to see it in action was when my 16 month old son was curious pushing buttons and it started a cleaning cycle. It shocked both of us but I let it run to see how well it performed.

Given the fact that my little one leaves crumbs everywhere Its nice to have the ability to just turn on the Powerbot and walk away. It has several modes one of which will vacuum an area until the battery is low and return to home (perfect). It also has a remote that can be used to direct in different directions to clean specific areas. The Powerbot has to suction settings basically a normal and a high settings.

I have just used it on the high setting which is just slightly louder than the normal. I estimate that my Powerbot runs at least 30mins prior to returning to the home station to charge. Thank you Insiders and Samsung for the opportunity to test and review the POWERbot! Better than more expensive robot vacuum. I have Samsung robot R9250.

I got this for way cheaper price. Plus point is when i compared both, this is way better than expensive one. Good vacuum if you can get past setup. The Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum offers some incredible features if you can get past the slightly frustrating setup experience. Roomba vs Powerbot: I choose the Powerbot.

The Samsung Powerbot R7040 is one of the greatest and smartest vacuum available today! It is a bagless, cyclone vacuum that uses visual mapping to allow it to figure out the most efficient cleaning route to minimize cleaning time and maximize battery life. I like the fact that it doesn't bump around into objects blindly like the Roomba vacuum does.

The vacuum has a lot of features as well. There is auto mode, which will tell the vacuum to clean with the push of a button. There is also spot cleaning mode, where you can point at a particular spot that is dirty for the vacuum to clean. It isn't necessary for the vacuum to connect to wifi to work, however once connected you can control your vacuum from anywhere at any time and also see updates that the vacuum is cleaning or charging.

I was also able to connect the Powerbot to Alexa to command the vacuum to clean with my voice! There is also the floor plan capabilities to tell the vacuum to clean certain rooms. The noise level is soft compared to a normal vacuum. Sometimes, I even forgot the vacuum was doing its thing while watching netflix.

You can also turn off the turbo mode if you want the vacuum to be even less noisy. The vacuum even changes suction power when cleaning a carpet as opposed to a hardwood floor!

It's amazing how smart it is! The vacuum is extremely powerful for its small size. It pushed chairs aside and even chargers cords on my outlets to get to all the corners of the room. Every inch was clean with the edge clean master.

The Powerbot goes up to the corner and the brush comes out to scrape things from the edges. It's really cool when you get down to the ground and take a look at what it's doing. Surprisingly it didn't knock over anything (almost knocked over my guitar stand) or didn't suck up any cords or wires. You can also manually press the energy mode to return it home to the charger. The vacuum cleans for a good half hour to an hour before returning back. The suction power is amazing! It picked up dirt, dust, hair, salt, fruity pebbles, uncooked rice, literally everything on the floor. All in all, the Powerbot R7040 did the job well for me for our small apartment.

A big step in the right direction. The samsung powerbot r7040 is an excellent robot vacuum. After letting it fully charge, it was entertaining to watch it get right to work and how it overcame the various obstacles in my home.

If it senses an object, it first slows down and then turns away cleaning as close to it as it can. When it reaches an edge or a wall, itll continue to clean all the way to the corner! If the powerbot reaches the edge of the first stair step, itll turn around and not tumble it's way down a flight of stairs to its doom.

This is one smart, powerful robo-vacuum and will not disappoint. It has 2 different suction power for you to choose from along with 2 different cleaning patterns. The auto option will allow the vacuum to clean in a zig-zag like pattern and if you turn the'repeat' option on, it will clean in a grid-like pattern. The vacuum comes with a remote and is also voice activated by amazon Alexa. The dust bin is easy to empty and the cleanin brush is very easy to troubleshoot should ajything ever get stuck.

The only complaints I really have is that sometimes it would have trouble finding it's way back to the charger and often die mid way. I'm not sure if mine is defective or if others have ran in to the same problem. My second complaint is that the app can be better. I wish the powerbot would map out my home after a complete cycle and then allow me to remotely select which area of my house I want cleaned.

I also wish the battery would last longer. I had trouble getting my powerbot to start cleaning right where it left off when the battery died. All in all, I would say that samsung knows what doiit's doing, just a few more tweaks and bam, we have one mean cleaning machine!

Great Product : POWERbotT R7040 Robot Vacuum. Excellent product and very efficient product Very User Friendly product and easy to access Cleans the carpet very neatly and energy efficient product Very Satisfied with this product Short enough to get under most furniture Edge cleaner Very quiet on normal mode Sound is not unpleasant even on max Large easy to clean and washable dust bin Washable/reusable filter Brushes don't tangle easily Room mapping means more consistent vacuuming Integrates with Smartthings Integrates with Alexa Capable of vacuuming higher shag carpets than most Automatic recharging WiFi connectivity for remote status and control WiFi connectivity allows for automatic software upgrades and improved intellegence Automatically recharges and continues The Powerbot R7040 uses multiple sensors to navigate your house and has a base station to return to when it is time to charge. Vacuuming only has the options of S pattern or spot clean spiral. Cleaning out the collection bin is very easy as is clearing the rotating brush. It is not perfect by any means, but I believe it is one of the best models out there.

It is a nice balance between cost and capabilities. I have a large upstairs with transitions between hardwood floors, and carpets, and carpets on hardwood floors and carpets on carpets.

I have two animals running around and lots of furniture in the way. I schedule it to clean each day around noon, when no one is home and come home to empty out the dust bin of all the dog and cat hair that collect there. There was a bit of a learning curve and some frustration early on, when I was coming home to find it under a chair (it managed to get under the chair, but could not find its way out) or when it wedged itself under the railing of a drop off. But I have found a couple of simple ways to keep it on task and focused on its primary job. I watched it go under the chair and decided that the fabric that covers the chair and extends to the ground was a bit high, and thus it saw its way under the chair, but then it went up on the carpet once it was there and then could not find a way to exit.

I solved this issue by placing a shoe, hidden under the edge of the chair, visible to no one but the Powerbot. The issue with it getting caught under the railing was due to the railing being lower to the ground in one spot. I fixed this by setting a lamp in that spot, and now it does not get caught anywhere. I appreciate that with a little work and direction, I can make it run daily and keep my floors clean of the worst of the dog and cat hair.

It is always nice to see the daily reports and understand where it ran that day, and helps me to make small tweaks to things to get it to run as I desire. I really appreciate how well designed it is.

This works well but we are still trying to figure it out. We set it to clean and it started moving around and vacuuming and seems to be mapping the area. It definitely has good suction because I had vacuumed earlier today and this thing is already filling up! Has a runtime of about 60 minutes and I think that is accurate. It is y'all enough it does not fit under my couches but it does fit under the edge of my cabinets.

At first it seemed to have a hard time with my textured/patterned carpet but it figured it out after a few times turning in circles. It isn't very noisy, I can hear it but it is significantly quieter than my normal vacuum for sure.

It has a sleek design and I like that is has a docking station that it will go back to when it is dying. We have a mix of hard floor and carpet and it was able to navigate the transitions without issue and cleaned the hard floor effectively as well.

It does have an app you can use with it that we are still working on figuring out. I think this will help keep things a bit tidier around here and decrease our workload which is a good thing. These products are manufactured according to the specifications of the US Electrical Standards and codes and voltage. Please note the Use with a converter or other voltage transforming device is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Wi-Fi Battery Plug-in Filter Remote Control